Vocal Coaching for All Ages


U BETTER Sing!’s ear training technology brings music education into the 21st century with a first of its kind interactive sight singing game app, cartoon DVD, and solfege hand sign posters.


U BETTER Sing! helps music educators and young musicians improve performance and ear training skills, creativity, and innovation in the field of music education.


At U BETTER Sing!, we promise your students will have so much fun learning to sight sing and sight read that their skills will improve in just three class sessions or less.

Kelley Glover

My vocal exercises help you to SLAY at ANY Singing Style. If you put in the work, you will experience considerable results and experience a great sense of achievement and satisfaction!

Kelley Glover has more than 20 years of music teaching experience. She is the creator of the children’s music literacy cartoon, “U BETTER Sing!” and the “U BETTER Sing!” sight singing game app. Kelley is a speaker and vocal coach, residing in Austin, TX. 

Learn to sight sing at home or on-the-go.

The First Vocal Lessons App of Its Kind

Like having a music teacher with you wherever you go!

Sight singing alone is nearly impossible because no one is there to tell you if you’re singing off pitch. The U BETTER Sing! Sight Singing App gives you IMMEDIATE feedback to let you know which notes you are singing correctly or incorrectly.

There ARE other sight singing apps, but this is the only one that teaches you to hear pitch in your mind … CRUCIAL for performing with accuracy. If you can’t hear pitch BEFORE you sing, 9 times out of 10, you will sing out of tune.

Sing on key every time with the The U BETTER Sing! Sight Singing App.

UBS Cartoon Characters


Below are just a few of the U BETTER Sing! characters you’ll meet in our children’s music literacy DVD, web series and Apps. This rag tag group of characters make learning fun and interactive.

Meet “Fa”, a Tomboy in the Outcast Group
Fa is extremely loyal to her friends and passionate about music and singing. Yet, she doesn't show it because she…
  • Passion 92%
  • Boyishness 80%
Meet “Do”, the Head Mean Girl in the Mean Clique
Do is a catty, insecure bully. She pretends to know it all but secretly feels average. Looks are very important…
  • Pride 86%
  • Meanness 97%
  • Vanity 95%
Meet “So-So”, a Member of the Mean Clique
Despite being in the mean clique, So-So is a sweetheart. She's very pretty, but not too bright and is oblivious to anything negative.…
  • Dreamy 86%
  • Conforming 90%
Meet “La-La”, a Sweet Geek in the Outcast Group
La-La is a sweetheart choir and literature geek. She wears her feelings on her sleeves and is not afraid to show…
  • Caring and Emotional 96%
  • Optimism 98%
  • Enthusiasm 85%

U BETTER Sing! News


Read the U BETTER Sing! Blog to get insight into vocal health for singers, as well as updates about the latest UBS and member happenings.