Sharpen Your Sight Singing Skills With This Fun and Interactive App

The U BETTER Sing! (UBS) Sight Singing App is like having a music teacher WITH you wherever you go! Sight singing alone is nearly impossible because no one is there to tell you if you’re singing off pitch. This app gives you IMMEDIATE feedback to let you know which notes you are singing correctly or incorrectly.


Benefits of using the U BETTER Sing! Sight Singing App

-- Develop better intonation.
-- Learn to audiate (hear pitch in your mind)
-- Sing and play in tune more consistently.
-- Gauge if you’re singing too high or too low.

The average private music teacher charges $60 an hour, so this is a
far less expensive way to get ear training singing lessons!


The First App of Its Kind

There ARE other sight singing apps, but the UBS app is the only sight singing app that teaches you how to AUDIATE (hear the pitches in your mind), which is CRUCIAL for sight singing success and for performing with pitch accuracy. If you cannot hear the pitches BEFORE you open your mouth to sing, 9 times out of 10, you will be singing out of tune.


Results You Can Bank On

I have been teaching music for over 20 years. Private voice students of mine have passed auditions to get into performing arts schools by practicing sight singing with the UBS app. It improved their singing and gave them the confidence and "know how" to pass the sight singing portion of their auditions. The app also improved their intonation when it came to performing solos for their auditions.


Makes Learning Fun and Entertaining

The UBS sight singing app is FUN and INTERACTIVE. The characters talk to you, giving you feedback like, “Don't give up!,” “You've got this!," or "Not quite! Keep on trying, Shorty!," "You are so AWESOME!," and "YIPPEE!"


“The "U Better Sing" app is an intuitive program that sharpens tuneful singing skills. It is fun and captures the attention of every student! This is such a powerful tool! I LOVE it!” - Rachel Walker, music educator, Cactus Ranch Elementary

The U BETTER Sing! Sight Singing App Story

I’ve taught music for over 20 years. Early on, I developed a fun way to imbue my students with GREAT “ears” for music. During ear training/ sight singing lessons, I would act like different characters. As a result of this fun and effective learning environment, my students have continuously gotten straight superiors in sight singing and in singing contests.

Seeing their repeated successes, I decided to translate those characters I dreamed up into a cartoon web series that teaches sight singing. And now, I’ve developed the UBS sight singing game app.

I made it so that students in choir, band orchestra, or private learning environments, can practice sight singing on their own and get instant feedback. It's like having a vocal music teacher sitting next to you and giving you feedback on the go!



Why is the app available right now only in the key of C?

The key of C is the easiest key in which to practice sight singing. It is the baseline key and also works for people who have teachers who use "fixed Do" instead of, "movable Do." The key of C is like the universal key that can be easily transferred to other keys once it is mastered.

Why does each level cost .99 cents?

The first levels are free. The average private music teacher charges $60 an hour, so this is a much less expensive way to get ear training, singing lessons!

I don't sing in tune very well. Is there a way to adjust the sensitivity of the app if I'm a little pitchy?

Yes! You can adjust the pitch sensitivity of the app. This is helpful if you are just beginning and need wiggle room for singing a little under (flat) or a little above (sharp) the correct pitch.

If there is a lot of noise in the background, or if I am a teacher and want to use the app for my entire class, will the microphone in my phone or tablet pick up the intended singing voices?

Yes! Go to settings to adjust the microphone. It will drown out background noise and pick up one or two individual voices. Also, you can adjust the microphone to pick up the singing voices of people singing in a large classroom.